If you see an Armadillo leave it be

Armadillo Natchez Trace Parkway Nine Bande

On a recent trip to Florida, my family decided to go out and walk around. We were enjoying the walk, since the hotel was by a lake and you could see the fireworks from three parks, the day could not have been going any better. Click for info

Then we see something in the dark, moving about. To little for a gator, maybe a raccoon. So we went to investigate. As we approached the creature, it seemed unaware of our existence. We slowly crept closer and closer, till we understood it to be an armadillo. She was peacefully wondering through the shadow, beside the lake, enjoying her day walk also.

Still no fear or concern from our woods friend. The father of my children called them over with him, to watch the little woman in her natural habitat. The obedient offspring did as they were told and joined the stalking. They followed her to what appeared to be a burrow in the nook of a Cypress Tree. She became agitated and didn’t enter. Instead she turned and took note of our team, but was not intimidated and to examine us. Crazy people do things that aren’t in their nature when on vacation in Florida, so my husband decided to show the kids how armadillo’s are like rolly polly bugs, assuring us it would roll up in a ball when antagonized. He picked up a stick and hit the brush . She ignored him. He threw a stone in her direction, she shrugged him off. To prove his point to his children, he ran at the armadillo, expecting her to roll up and be still.

This armadillo ran at my husband so fast, he dropped his flip flops hoping to get away. Well, here came the armadillo, following my husband, not us, hissing and spitting and creating unnatural noises I have never heard the likes of since.

When we finally made our way back to our condo (we forgo the elevator, no time when the armadillo was on our route ), my husband made the profound observation,”Armadillo’s are less passive animals as I had been told”.

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