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Eating. Sleeping. Pooping. These are, undoubtedly, the top 3 things which have the most impact on your wellbeing. If all of these three activities are working out well for you, you are on the right path.
Of course, there are quite a few different options out there to improve your health and well-being: Exercise, fresh air, meditation. . .the list continues. But if you’re getting the first three right, you’re creating a solid foundation of health to build on to with these other things. If you’re not eating, sleeping, and pooping nicely, adding all that exercise and meditation is like building along with a crumbling foundation. . .and life. All of us know that garlic builds up our immunity, preventing us from getting sick, but did you know that virtually every other spice into your cupboard has medicinal properties, also?
You do not have to acquire a degree in herbal medicine to eat well, but you need to educate yourself a bit on what you’re putting into your body. Patients will come in and discuss how healthy and rigorous their diets are, and then talk about the pound of cheese they eat each night (“I only eat foods that are natural!”) Eating unprocessed foods is a fantastic idea, but it does not mean that everything natural is always great for you. I have also had patients that are extremely weight-conscious brag about their low-carb diets. . .only to discover that they’re essentially living off of bread and non-fat ice cream. Again, not the best option. . . Dead animal removal near me, The info is out there, you simply have to integrate it into your lifestyle.
After the ingestion comes the pooping. . .and if you are not doing it, or you’re doing a lot of it, it is a sign that the total qi of the body may be suffering. Poop is pretty much the greatest measure of what is happening internally. Bloodwork might tell you, but it is not quite as convenient as getting this info in the comfort of your own bathroom. We acupuncturists can collect a huge knowledge about what is happening inside you by finding out about your bowel movements, but all you regular people out there just have to understand a few things. Your poop should arrive 1-3 times each day, be formed but not hard, and come with blood, pain, or an unusual level of work. If all this applies to you, you are in good shape. Otherwise, a change in diet could be in order. We acupuncturists may also get things moving frequently, if need be. . .oh, beautiful, lovely sleep. At least, that is how I think of it now-I look ahead to drifting off into sweet dreams and can not wait to go to bed at night. However, I remember feeling very differently about my bed a couple of years back, while I was suffering from a bout of insomnia. I was worried waking up, because I barely had enough energy to get through the day. I think of sleeplessness as a type of cancer of the soul, gradually eating away at every other facet of your life and health. If you simply are not getting enough sleep because of lack of effort on your part, make some adjustments which will permit you to acquire more. If you’re a true insomniac, however, there are lots of alternatives out there to help. Working on this can be an investment in your health. We can all start you on the road to getting your sleep, and finally life, back.

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